May 6 FotoFika

My father was a grief expert and I remember him talking about the idea of care for the caregiver, a bit to my mother’s dismay. I think as the caregiver for the caregiver it hit her wrong or exponentially problematic. But it brings up a lot right now of the idea of who is doing the work and what work is getting done. There have been several articles posted about how this is often gendered–but also how especially in times of crisis we depend on people whose instinct is to give and go beyond and do more.  And many of us went into teaching in part because we have that (maybe it balances out the self-centered artist nature–maybe.)

In response to John’s post however I think the idea of being aware of our limitations and the fact that what we are dealing with is long term and not emergency means we have to draw on different resources, emotional, physical, virtual and so forth.

Today’s FotoFika will continue with the idea of planning for uncertainty and the general idea of hybridity.  We invite David Tinapple to talk about CritViz a platform he designed with his colleague at ASU Loren Olson to deal with teaching a large in person class at ASU We hope to also start an ongoing conversation about the tools we are using and how we are using them and paying attention to yourself– we will all need this summer to recharge and make art hopefully this can help you not spend the summer filled with dread and busywork.

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