Summer Workshops For Preparing for continued uncertainty in Fall 2020

I will be offering 4 workshops this summer, details for RSVPing will be forthcoming as we solidify.

Workshops will take place on Wednesdays but unlike the regular FotoFika slot, we will meet from 2 to 4 (EDT). The dates and general topics are as follows:

Workshops will be participatory and emphasize problem solving and solutions through communal engagement.

June 17  POSTPONED TO JULY 1—Solidarity

The first workshop will address issues of political and social concern for the students and the faculty. Scheduled for the 17th of June which is the anniversary of, John said there was something but all I found was the 119th anniversary of the establishment of the College Board (boo). But there is a lot of other cool stuff that happened on the 17th of June  (check it out here:

This workshop will address how we can advocate for our international students, concerns about access to equipment and software for students in a distance, hybrid or socially-distant campus situation, what this means for adjunct, un-tenured and other contingent faculty–as well as tenured faculty and how we might approach this with a shared sense of mission.


July 15– Tools and Concepts

The second workshop will address conceptual concerns,  questions about teaching portraiture in a Covid era, intimacy and distance learning, ways to provide an open and rigorous classroom environment, giving feedback, conducting critiques , using flexible techniques for giving feedback.


August 5 -Syllabus Boot Camp

We will go over assignments and strategies for planning our classes including assignments, readings, sharing lectures, artists visits and sharing resources.


August 19 – On your Mark, Get Set, Go (or Ready, Steady, Go)

Who knows what things will look like by the end of August. Wherever we are we’ll use this workshop to respond and work together to be ready to take on the new and the unknown.


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