July 1 Workshop Postponed–Google Sign Up For Future Workshops

FotoFika Workshops Update.

Out of  respect for the continuing momentum behind BLM political movement over the past month we have pulled back on FotoFika both in promoting the All Star Cards as well as the planned workshops.

Today’s workshop was to focus on workers rights and unionization and it was the title Solidarity that made us reconsider the subject in the midst of the protests. We strongly believe that this movement is something that is vitally important and that it was the time for us to stand back a bit. This is not to say that the urgency of planning and adapting to remote, hybrid and online teaching is not an essential and continuing task. So while we will not be having the planned FotoFika Workshop today. We are continuing to work on the All Star Cards and I would like to offer smaller, more informal 2 hour working sessions starting July 15 to those who wish to sign up–please fill out this Google form if you wish to participate in any working sessions or panel discussions.

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