It was so nice to see so many of you last week at FotoFika! I shared a number of resources which I’ll share below, ALL DATABASES ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS AND OPEN FOR ADDITIONS OR EDITS:

CALENDAR: if you have events that are open to the public (lectures, etc), please invite [ fotofika2020 [at]] – it’s a public calendar that we’ve add to our site, these can be events that are free or for a fee but must be open to the public. MAKE SURE TO SHARE all pertinent details in your calendar invite, links, zoom ID, etc and as a reminder our calendar is in the EDT time zone.

INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM DATABASE: I created this with the current political climate we are in, DEI centric and as a recognition that we are the ones that can change the canon of photography. This is a public database, please feel free to contribute, we see this as a faculty/administrator database:

PHOTO BOOKS/FILMS/PERIODICALS: One of the ways we can change the canon, is to demand that our libraries include books that are more inclusive. This is a public database (only just started), please help us build this one! We see this as a faculty/administrator database:

INCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHER DATABASE: This database includes photographers who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or female identifying, originally scripted from a US perspective, it may still include a few white cis males who are international. This database is open to the public and additions can be made following a link, however the database itself can’t be edited directly, with that in mind – PLEASE feel free to share this database with students as well as faculty and administrators:–gaV4nTw/edit?usp=sharing


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