FotoFika Workshop January 6

Reminder– We will be having a FotoFika Workshop on January 6 at 4PM EST to talk about teaching darkroom photography with reduced, distanced or non-existent class darkroom time.

Online, Hybrid and Traditional all have their challenges and advantages and I am hopeful that once Covid no longer dictates our teaching we will emerge with more ways to teach than ever before. And while FotoFika began as a place s is help us develop coping strategies, we are hopeful that it can become a place where we all continue to grow as educators, students and artists.

So all are invited to come and share your experiences from the last year, to talk about different strategies and resources and ways of approaching darkroom in the age of Covid or if you wish just come and listen. We will share resources and assignments, we will build on ideas and talk about ways to approach this coming semester and beyond.

Here is a short list of possible launch points for the 2 hour session.

  • What is essential in a darkroom class?
  • How do you cover what you deem to be essential in a darkroom class?
  • The challenges of teaching darkroom without a common meeting area.
  • Different strategies for remote teaching? For socially distanced teaching? For hybrid?
  • Alt processes? At home processes?
  • Approaches to using PhotoShop for black and white post-production.
  • Specific tools?
  • Discussion about object-ness and engaging physically and over distance.

Any other ideas or strategies are welcome. See you on Wednesday January 6.


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