Kim Beil – Good Pictures

Kim Beil joins FotoFika TODAY. In this talk, Kim Beil introduces her Fotofika assignment, “Good Pictures Break the Rules,” with a visual tour of aesthetic rules that have been overturned in photography since the 20th century. She argues that breaking the rules can be a radical act: a rejection of the stylistic status quo can also suggest new ways of seeing and being seen as photographers.

Kim Beil teaches art history at Stanford University. Recently she’s written about  photography and climate change for the Atlantic,  the pre-history of  Zoom backgrounds for Aeon/Psyche , and pandemic bread photography for Literary Hub. Her book,  Good Pictures: A History of Popular Photography , was published in June 2020. You can find her ever-expanding collection of how-to books on Instagram. Join Foto Fika Wednesday, March 31 4PM HERE

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