FotoFika All Stars


FotoFikaJohn FreyerAnne Massoni and Betsy Schneider, and our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Society for Photographic Education, are asking for your help.

FotoFika 2020 All Stars Trading Card Project ( includes images from 380 photography students. We invited all photo students from the Class of 2020 across the globe to submit a single image and a statement about their work. We’ve welcomed the work of all graduating students in photography regardless of degree type. We’ve been sharing the work and promoting the project on Instagram and on our sites (including There was no cost to the students to participate.

With the help of Becky Senf (Center for Creative Photography), we invited professionals in the field to select and review student images in order to build out our “2020 All Stars”; we provided them with student websites for further engagement to contextualize their selection. Our goal was to have 134 (the number of “players” in Mandel’s original card set) curators, writers, critics, photographers and alumni of the original cards to participate as reviewers for the All Stars. Each reviewer had the option to have their own black and white portrait card produced and over 100 opted to do so.

We will produce a physical set of cards and uncut sheets that will be made available for inclusion in collections around the country. Cards will be made available in packs or uncut sheets for purchase for the participants, reviewers and anyone else who is interested. This is where we need to raise money, in order to fund the printing and to provide each of our 380 students with a deck of cards that includes their image.

Class of 2020

Are You An All Star?

FotoFika invites you to submit your work to the FotoFika Trading Card project!  HERE

2020 BA/BS/BFA/MFA/PhD @2020_Allstars

Hannah Altman

Hannah Altman is an MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University whose thesis work explores Jewish action and memory.

2020 MFA @ Virginia Commonwealth University

Mario Dante Napoli

Mario Dante Napoli artist whose work investigates the relationship between the real and unreal within the photographic process.

2020 BFA @ The University of the Arts

Jem Roberts

They all said Allen left a huge hole in my life, but all I could think was what if he’s at the center of it all, pulling all the strings?

2020 BFA @ Virginia Commonwealth University

Ash Goodwin

I make images of nude men in natural landscapes to address the gender, power and privilege of space.

2020 MFA @ Virginia Commonwealth University

Aamina Palmer

I want to show you some things hidden in plain sight. Take a closer look at the things around us every day, and play within the landscape.

2020 BFA @ Virginia Commonwealth University

Granville Carroll

My work deals with topics of representation and identity and is influenced by Afrofuturism and spirituality.

2020 MFA @ Rochester Institute of Technology

Aubrey Richey

I am drawn to the sentimental and the strange! This photo is of my younger sister, Emily, who looks a lot like me.

2020 BFA @ The University of the Arts

Sabrina Pacitto

Influenced by cinema, folklore, fashion & nature, I enjoy experimenting to create conceptual imagery that causes tension and wonder.

2020 BA @ Oakland University