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FotoFika #7 – 5/13/20

FotoFika #9 – 5/6/20

FotoFika #7 – 4/29/20

FotoFika #6 – 4/22/20

FotoFika #5 – 4/15/20

FotoFika #4 – 4/8/20

FotoFika #3 – 4/1/20

FotoFika #2 – 3/25/20

FotoFika is hosted by SPE. Last week we invited Rebekah Modrak –  artist, author of Reframing Photography and a professor at the University of Michigan (go Blue) to talk about her assignment Windows Serenade among other things. We also went over the FotoFika site and some of the questions posted last week specifically in relation to teaching darkroom classes.  All of those teaching visual art/photography or related subjects are welcome and you do not have to be an SPE member to attend. Please help pass this on to people who may not be on Facebook.

FotoFika #1 – 3/18/20

Here is an audio recording of the first FotoFika with Betsy Schneider and John Freyer, hosted by Anne Massoni and the Society for Photographic Education.  Due to privacy concerns the video version of the talk is only available to members of SPE.  But all future FotoFika conversations will be available on video as well.  We will inform all participants that we are recording video for distribution.  You should be able to follow along on the this site and see Betsy’s assignment ideas here.


Society for Photographic Education

Many thanks to the Society for Photographic Education for all of the logistical support.  We could not have done this without you.  Thanks for co-hosting the content from this site.

Anne Leighton Massoni

Anne Leighton Massoni, is an Associate Professor of Photography at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and serves on the Society for Photographic Education’s board of director. Her work relates to ideas of both real and fabricated memories and identity, using a variety of film and digital techniques.

Betsy Schneider

Betsy Schneider is a photographer and filmmaker who explores and documents transformations of individuals and families over time and place. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and her work has been shown in major museums and festivals around the world.  A former national board member for SPE. From 2002 to 2016 she was a professor in the School of Art at Arizona State University, in 2016 she relocated to the Boston Area and since then has continued to work for ASU as a lecturer, designer, developer and coordinator of an unique online BFA in photography. She has recently taught at Harvard, MassArt and Hampshire and currently teaches online for ASU and at Emerson College.